Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be frustrating and stressful. If your home doesn’t sell immediately then you start noticing all the flaws, then wondering how many people have seen these flaws and chose not to buy your house because of it. When your home is not quite a model home you see in a magazine then you need to come up with creative ideas to help sell your home. With more homes for sale then there are homebuyers it is important to make your house stand out compared to others that are for sale in your area. Before your house even goes on the market, you should do some staging. Sometimes this can require just removing clutter and personal touches, but sometimes it needs a complete overhaul. You want the buyer to be able to picture themselves living in the home, so it is important to make the home presentable and impersonal. If you are one of those that needs to change major furniture items, you may need to look for alternative methods to achieve this if you are not able or don’t want to pay hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars on new furnishings. Some real estate offices offer this option with furniture they move from home to home when trying to sell. You can also try to contact a local furniture store that may offer to place furniture in the home in exchange for placing promotional flyers in or near home brochures.

Once you get the house prepared, you still need to find creative ways to market the home. Post videos on your social media pages to get the word out to friends who may know others that are in the market for a new home. This is pretty standard in today’s world considering so many people are connected to social media. Instead of throwing a plain open house, create a theme or an entire event. For example, if you live in the art district around your area, try turning your home into a local artists’ gallery for the day. On a really hot day, offer fresh squeezed lemonade or ice cream. It will initially draw people in to cool off, but give them the opportunity to look at the inside of the home. If you have something unique about your home such as the architectural design or a beautiful outdoor space, you can go to the level of getting a local billboard. Not many people think to do this because they assume it costs way more than it actually does. It’s a great tool to use because it is guaranteed to have a lot of people viewing it, which can only be beneficial for the seller.

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