Investor Relations

Investing in real estate is not as risky or dangerous as one might think. Of course there are always risks involved with any sort of investing, but this is where experience and a proven track record are useful. One does not go into any sort of investment opportunity blindly. There is always research and analysis of any transaction before determining the best approach. One should calculate the amount of risk involved and utilize those calculations to determine the appropriate course of action.

Here at TMF Homes LLC, we possess and have at our disposal:

  • resources that support investing success
  • experienced real estate agents
  • those skilled in the art of negotiation
  • experience working with & understand the renovation/rehab process

as well as the ability to:

  • asses current conditions
  • provide solid market analysis

We understand that when you choose to put your money on the line you need someone who is reliable, knowledgeable, knows the neighborhoods they work in and who understands your desire. We have a proven track record and we have good, established relationships with local contractors, businesses and real estate agents to get the job done. TMF Homes LLC understands the risks that investors take each time they lend. We want to create a lasting relationship which brings repetitive business to both the lender and TMF Homes.

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